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Rugged Relief: Powerful Lotions & Gels for the Modern Outdoorsman.

Combat the elements and rejuvenate tired skin with nature-inspired lotions and gels, essential for the modern man’s daily regimen.

CBD Muscle GelCBD Muscle Gel

CBD Muscle Gel

Fight hard, recover harder. Unleash nature’s power with our CBD muscle gel to soothe every warrior’s battle scars.
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Timber Trail CBD Muscle Gel

Conquer the Day with Precision Care: In the rugged path of life, every man faces the challenges that nature throws his way. It’s not just about battling the outdoor elements; it’s the daily grind, the sweat, and the fatigue that take a toll on our skin. Enter Timber Trail’s lineup of lotions and gels — tailored for the man who doesn’t back down, who needs his skin to be as resilient and fortified as his spirit.

Nature-Powered, Results-Driven: Our ancestors thrived by harnessing nature, understanding its raw power, and using it to their advantage. We’ve channeled that same primal essence into our lotions and gels, ensuring each product not only takes care of your skin but elevates it. With potent ingredients sourced from the heart of the wild, expect these elixirs to recharge, hydrate, and shield your skin, making it combat-ready for whatever the day has in store.

Elevate Your Routine: Gone are the days when skincare was just an afterthought. Today’s modern warrior knows that looking and feeling top-notch is a strategic move — it’s about going into every challenge with confidence. Our collection of lotions and gels is more than just skin deep. It’s about embracing a ritual, a moment of preparation, and ensuring that every stride you take is backed by the unmatched protection and care of Timber Trail products. Get ready to redefine strength, one application at a time.

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